The Broker-Inspector Relationship

Hire a Team You Can Trust We’re excited to welcome our friend Steve von Ehrenkrook from White Glove Home Inspections, who contributed to this blog. Things just got real. That’s how a home inspection can feel. The buyer is ready to move forward. The seller is eager to get that “Sold” sign up. And now… Read more »


I am going from one end of the spectrum to the other in this blog post. First is: Cell phone use is out of control. Phones now ring at weddings, funerals, job interviews, bathrooms … and instead of jumping to quiet the ring, people ANSWER the phone. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and… Read more »

What every business owner should have

Starting a business can be both scary and exciting! At a young age, I knew that I wanted to have my own business and a lot of my childhood was spent planning how that was going to happen. Many people tried to talk me out of owning a business because they wanted a stable environment… Read more »

Model Homes

When most people are off the clock, the last thing they want to do is the same thing they do from 9-5 (or their work hours) at their job. However, I LOVE looking at properties!! So, on my off time I load my family up in the car and we look at different neighborhoods both… Read more »

Owner of Desert Heritage

The Desert Heritage News blog has been live for quite some time however it’s not often we update the blog because I wasn’t really sure about the blogging rules and etiquette. The more I research I realize it’s an opportunity to share helpful tips, insights and other thoughts that may come to mind to share… Read more »