Buying a home can be a challenging undertaking. Representation by a qualified REALTOR® will ensure a positive outcome. The home-buying process requires diligence in every detail of contractual negotiations, i.e. deadlines, processes, inspections, and various other aspects relating to the purchase of a home.

At Desert Heritage Real Estate our agents assist you in every aspect of the home buying process:

Initial Consultation

  • Define agency relationship
  • Determine needs and wants
  • Discuss financial qualifications
  • Fill out worksheet

Loan Qualification

  • Discuss financial resources
  • Obtain pre-qualification letter

Home Shopping

  • Tour properties with agent
  • Review comparables
  • Research housing market

Find Home and Make Offer

  • Discuss strategy with agent
  • Review blank contract
  • Prepare offer

Present & Negotiate Offer

  • Let your agent negotiate and present the offer at a strategic price.

Open Escrow

  • Escrow officer will open Prelim
  • Your money is deposited

Inspections and Disclosures

  • Buyers approval of transfer
  • Disclosure Statement (SPDS)
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Physical Inspections
  • Termite Inspections
  • Other Inspections

Sign Documents

  • Loan documents will go to the title company
  • Sign loan documents and closing cost statement

Record Title & Close

  • Deed is recorded by County Recorders office
  • Obtain keys to your new home