Refacing kitchen cabinets

What’s the remedy for kitchen cabinets that are beginning to look a little down and out? Well, a new face of course. So how do you go about getting your cabinets a new face? Refacing means covering the exposed cabinet frames (or boxes) with a veneer of real wood or plastic laminate. Doors and drawer… Read more »

Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval Process Explained

You have decided it is time to buy a home. Excited to start the search you contact your real estate agent and want to start viewing homes. But wait! You have forgot the most important first step! You need to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan by your lender. I am often asked several questions about… Read more »

6 Home Buyer Guidelines for Viewing Properties

Did you know that REALTORS® work strictly on commission and only get paid upon the successful sale of a home? As a buyer’s agent, I must have what is called procuring cause in order to be paid for my time and services. Procuring cause is defined as when a broker’s (agent’s) efforts are the foundation on which… Read more »

Ever Thought About Keeping A Work Journal?

I know it sounds a little crazy at first, but you spend so much of your life working, why wouldn’t you journal about it? There’s so much to say, reflect on and learn about your work life/self. If you’re a business owner or decision maker think about what a useful tool this can be. Looking… Read more »

Dream a Little Dream

Work, play, laugh, cry, laugh again and work some more. That’s a typical week at the Desert Heritage office. We are so lucky to have such a fun, caring and supportive staff that you can share your genuine self with…and they love you for it. One morning, it seemed like everyone came in just a… Read more »

Kicking it with our Top Producer

Stacey Peto is DHRE’s top producer. She has been an agent with Desert Heritage for 4 years, and works primarily with investors, as well as traditional clients, in both the Phoenix and Tucson markets. In addition to being an active agent, Stacey also works in the office a few days each week recruiting and advising… Read more »

DHRE is for the Birds! …and the Pigs!

Some weeks are more entertaining than others at the Desert Heritage office. This week, our Designated Broker, Teresa Cole, went on vacation and the DHRE staff practically turned this place into a menagerie! Mary Wakeford, office manager & front desk lady extraordinaire, has one of the biggest hearts on the planet, particularly when it comes… Read more »