NativeThe Desert Heritage News blog has been live for quite some time however it’s not often we update the blog because I wasn’t really sure about the blogging rules and etiquette.

The more I research I realize it’s an opportunity to share helpful tips, insights and other thoughts that may come to mind to share with the public.

As the owner of Desert Heritage, I thought it would be fun and a bit interesting at times to do my own post. I should pre-warn you that I type just like I speak so you might see a lot of “….” as I gather my thoughts. So if you are easily upset by the smaller things in life, you might not want to follow this blog post.

To give you some background, I am an Arizona native (born AND raised) and I LOVE Arizona so I never plan on moving to another State!!

Let’s face it … (there’s those dots I warned you about!) we have an unbelievable State; filled with gorgeous weather, good people, great restaurants, best sports teams, beautiful sunsets, best hiking and a locally owned Real Estate company named Desert Heritage Real Estate (shameless plug, but it’s my first post so cut me some slack).

This blogging is going to be fun although it has the potential to be a little addicting.

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