Superman. He can pretty much do it all. He’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. That’s fabulous, and all, but can he change your day around in an instant with a smile and a corny joke? Yeah…didn’t think so.

Well, here at Desert Heritage Real Estate, we’re SO lucky to have our very own Superman in the house! Steve von Ehrenkrook is not a real estate agent; he’s our resident home inspector. He may not wear tights and a cape, but somehow, we’re ok with that. He’s super handy and saves the day more times in week than your average superhero. He can hand-build furniture out of pretty much anything (not just put ones together from Ikea), sculpt signs, wrestle the office computer server with one hand tied behind his back, be a race car driver, throw a mean game of darts, be a sandwich jockey, put up with crazy co-workers AND he’s a First-Rate Home Inspector with White Glove Home Inspections! Pretty Amazing!

Steve has a great sense of humor, also. He helps to format slide shows for our regular office meetings, and adds his own little twists and turns that keeps everyone on their toes and the giggles going. Although we’re touting Steve’s abilities, it’s not something he would do on his own. He’s a pretty humble individual. Even so, his humbleness is even something he can joke about:

“Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.” –Steve von Ehrenkrook.

Hats off to you, Superman Steve! All of DHRE appreciates you & we’re so glad to have you here!

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