I know it sounds a little crazy at first, but you spend so much of your life working, why wouldn’t you journal about it? There’s so much to say, reflect on and learn about your work life/self. If you’re a business owner or decision maker think about what a useful tool this can be. Looking back on entries before and after big transitions can be helpful when making new decisions. On the other hand, sometimes it’s just fun to reminisce. “Remember when I was ready to throw in the towel?” “Or that year we exceeded our goals?” “The way I used to feel about this project that turned out to be a huge success?”It’s also therapeutic. Even thought it’s a work journal, it’s still private. Say what you don’t want to say out loud. Get it off your chest and problem solve. “I think we’re coasting and I’m scared about what’s next.” “If only I could uncover that next big idea, where should I look, who should I talk to?” This kind of rawness frees the weight you carry about certain problems and when you’re writing, you tend to think critically about it. Who knows, you could solve your biggest problems before you finish a single journal entry. I challenge you to keep a journal for one week. See what it can do for you, and your business!

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