Some weeks are more entertaining than others at the Desert Heritage office. This week, our Designated Broker, Teresa Cole, went on vacation and the DHRE staff practically turned this place into a menagerie!

Mary Wakeford, office manager & front desk lady extraordinaire, has one of the biggest hearts on the planet, particularly when it comes to animals. This week, we were visited by two new furry little friends: Pierre the Pig & Desi the Bird, both of whom Mary saved from an unseemly demise!

Pierre the 3 week old Pot-Bellied Pig was brought to Mary by a friend who decided that he was no longer able to care for the sweet, funny, snorty little guy. Luckily, Mary came to the rescue, put his adorable little picture on Facebook & the power of social media helped to save the day! Mary’s daughter cared for little Pierre all week, and had a hard time when it was time to say good-bye. But, in the end, a friend from Tucson adopted Pierre & all is now wonderful in his little pig world and new forever home.

One would think that one animal at the office during one particular week would be enough…but not here! We take in all kinds of strays and we love ’em! Mary was attending a softball game for Ironwood High School, when her husband & coach, Roger, noticed that a bitty baby bird was unable to return to its nest. So, Mary, being the superhero that she is, swooped in and saved the teeny guy! She’s been hand-feeding Desi all week and keeping him happy, safe and warm until he’s ready to venture off on his own.

So, hats off to Mary Wakeford! (No, she didn’t write this…in case you were wondering…). We’re so lucky to have such a genuinely sweet & caring office manager…and friends to stray animals everywhere!

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