coyoteAs some of you may know, the Desert Heritage Real Estate office
is located in a busy location off the Loop 101 and Thunderbird Road, and bordered by a dry wash that runs along the myriad of businesses in the vicinity. It serves as residence to a vast population of wildlife. We’ve spotted a very large fluffy tailed squirrel visiting the dumpster on numerous occasions, as well as a lone coyote who ran across the landscape in front of us as we stood under our covered parking structure. We dubbed him “Wylie Coyote” after witnessing his safe passage across Thunderbird Road at rush hour to the resounding concert of honking horns. His unflustered trot was indicative that “Wylie” has played “chicken” a few times. Judging from his dangling right rear leg, he at least once didn’t escape the harsh reality of a traveling fender.

The wash area is quite extensive and covers a lot of territory with the occasional thoroughfare across busy streets. Feral cats, who’s ancestors were likely once loved as adorable kittens and later dumped by heartless people to survive on their own, reproducing by tenfolds until meeting an untimely death by coyote dinner, fast moving cars, or taken skyward as kittens by hungry hawks.

What you perhaps don’t realize is there is a golden hearted elderly woman who makes the rounds on a nearly daily basis, filling water and food dishes to make the lives of these untrusting felines a little bit easier. I don’t know her name, but she shows up like clockwork, even through the heat of the summer months, to bring a little salvation to the cats of the desert.

If you would like to help with her personal mission, please feel free to purchase a bag of cat food every now and then and drop it off at the office. Don’t worry about the brand, cheap is good, these felines are anything but picky. We will make sure your donations of food get to her as she continues her personal quest in making the world a kinder place for the cats who share our space, and help to ease her expenses in keeping the population of felines a little less hungry. I will add she does work in concert with the catch and release effort in sterilizing the population to eliminate future generations of unwanted cats growing up wild.

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