Did you know that REALTORS® work strictly on commission and only get paid upon the successful sale of a home?

As a buyer’s agent, I must have what is called procuring cause in order to be paid for my time and services. Procuring cause is defined as when a broker’s (agent’s) efforts are the foundation on which the negotiations resulting in a sale are begun. Therefore, it is critical that I consistently represent a buyer’s interests throughout the home buying process.

I feel it is important to explain the following 6 guidelines for viewing properties to afford me the opportunity to negotiate on their behalf as we find their next home together.

  1. Open houses: Should you visit an open house held by other agents, when you walk in the door, tell them you are already working with a REALTOR® and hand them his/her business card.
  2. New builds: Never go to a new build development without your REALTOR®. He/She must be there on your first visit to register and represent you.
  3. ADs in magazines: If you see an advertisement for a home that looks interesting, call your REALTOR®.
  4. For sale signs: If you see a For Sale sign by another company on a home and you want to know the price, call your REALTOR®. Be sure to write down the address of the home.
  5. For sale by owners: Call your REALTOR® with the address and phone number listed on the sign. If you find a home that you would like to preview or purchase, your REALTOR®  will negotiate for you.
  6. Call your REALTOR® for appointments: Never call the owner of a listed property directly; or the other agent. Your REALTOR® must work through the listing agent. Never look at a home with another agent without talking to your REALTOR®
    first, including Open Houses.

As a buyer’s agent, I am here to negotiate on their behalf and to represent their best interests as we navigate the home buying process.  In return, I need a commitment from my buyers to ensure the experience is a smooth and enjoyable one.

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