Garbage Disposal Tips

Courtesy of White Glove Home Inspections A garbage disposal can be a handy appliance that can make cleaning up the kitchen quicker and easier. But when poorly maintained (or not maintained at all) a garbage disposal is prone to drain clogs and breaking. So what are some best practices when it comes to using a… Read more »

Buyer vs Seller Expectations

Buyer and seller expectations are rarely the same, especially in an ever changing market. Buyers look for the best deals and Sellers want the highest price for their homes. Really it all evens out if you are selling your home and purchasing a new home in any market. You may get less for your home… Read more »

Arizona Republic’s article doesn’t tell whole story

In response to Catherine Reagor’s article in the Arizona Republic on September 3, 2014, “Buy or Rent, What choice is right for you?” – I have a couple of points to suggest when reading her article. First the “article” is more like a point counter point tilted towards renting.   She flung stats around with… Read more »


  Buckeye, AZ is at the western reaches of the Phoenix metro area.  Buckeye has a variety of housing options ranging from family friendly communities to active adult developments.  In this article I’m going to highlight two of the latest developments. If you’re from another state and are nostalgic for a small town feel with… Read more »

Estrella – Part 2

ESTRELLA – PART 2 Continuing my tour of some of the planned communities in the West Valley outside of Phoenix, Estrella has homes to please just about any budget.  There are several developed “neighborhoods” already but some areas are just starting to be developed and even some of the previous ones still have model homes… Read more »

Family Communities With a Lot to Offer

There are many choices for families looking for communities in the greater Phoenix area offering recreation, activities, and beautiful surroundings.  Over the next several posts I’ll briefly describe a few of these master planned communities that I recently visited located in the West Valley area.  First up: ESTRELLA Estrella is conveniently located off of the… Read more »

Landlord revival

Today’s move-up buyers are confident and considering all options when they decide to buy a new home, including becoming a landlord and renting out their current home. While this choice is not for everyone, a survey conducted by a major real estate firm revealed that a third of survey respondents answered that they are willing… Read more »


I am going from one end of the spectrum to the other in this blog post. First is: Cell phone use is out of control. Phones now ring at weddings, funerals, job interviews, bathrooms … and instead of jumping to quiet the ring, people ANSWER the phone. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and… Read more »

6 Home Buyer Guidelines for Viewing Properties

Did you know that REALTORS® work strictly on commission and only get paid upon the successful sale of a home? As a buyer’s agent, I must have what is called procuring cause in order to be paid for my time and services. Procuring cause is defined as when a broker’s (agent’s) efforts are the foundation on which… Read more »

Ever Thought About Keeping A Work Journal?

I know it sounds a little crazy at first, but you spend so much of your life working, why wouldn’t you journal about it? There’s so much to say, reflect on and learn about your work life/self. If you’re a business owner or decision maker think about what a useful tool this can be. Looking… Read more »